On Cue Theatre is proud to present their production line up for 2018. Since we strive to present valued entertainment with a strong focus on literary works, the Pantomime for 2018 is.

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes

A delightful Panto – Crime

Based on the short stories of

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes is based on a collection of Short Stories with the same Title, written by the British author Sir Athur Conan Doyle.

Our hero Sherlock Holmes is a famous and brilliant detective who helps the Police to solve, unsolvable Crimes.

With the help of his best Friend Doctor Watson, our hero must help find a priceless gem, known as the “The Blue Diamond”.

There is no doubt that Sherlock’s arch enemy Professor James Moriarty is behind it all. Along the way Sherlock unearths a plot of treason and mayhem.  Our heroes must race to save her Majesty, Queen Victoria …

The Mysterious and beautiful Opera singer Irene Adler who is Holmes equal when it comes to wit and brains, aids our hero and romance is in the air.

In true On Cue Theatre style, this will be a rip roaring adventure with loads of surprises along the way. Special guest appearances will have the audience cheering in delight and will rock the house down.

Would it be On Cue Production without some twists and turns?  Our hero will be challenged at every turn as there are those who would like to see him fail.  Sherlock Holmes is a shining example of a hero, who uses brains before brawn and this will be the underlying message for the audience.

Brand new costumes, beautiful music and loads of humour.

To schedule your bookings please contact Shirley Wing-Delpaul on 011-640 1630

Once upon a time…</h2

A collection of three delightful tales

On Cue Theatre has designed a brand new show for 2018, using our famous and unique Pantomime style. This show is designed for children of all ages, and brings to life three much loved fairy tales,

  1. The elves and the shoe maker (Grimm Brothers)
  2. The Hunch Back of Notre Dame – (Victor Hugo’s Classic tale with a happy ending)
  3. A mid summer nights dream (A simplified version of Shakespeare’s Classic)

This production of fantastic fairy tales will delight and intrigue the audience of all ages.

These delightful stories are packed with laughter, superb music and not to mention the costumes and last but not least, our four amazingly talented actors.

Please contact Shirley Wing-Delpaul on 011-6401630 to schedule your booking.


  • “I would rather be a little nobody, than to be an evil somebody.” – Abraham Lincoln
  • “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up” – John Holmes
  • “Strong people stand up from themselves. But the strongest people stand up for others.” – Unknown

Bullying in schools is not a thing of the past nor is it fading into the distance. Unfortunately,

bullying is still a significant issue in schools across the world

The very real and prevalent problems of Bullying and Peer pressure in schools are again explored in our 2018 Bully Production, which will hopefully empower the learners to take a stand against bullies and succumbing to Negative Peer Pressure.   

No Place for you Bullies

There are two totally different shows, one for Foundation phase learners and the other for Intermediate phase learners. Each show is age appropriate and deals with issues affecting each age group.

Foundation Phase:

The foundation phase presentation is full of short stories to highlight the problems and offers solutions to dealing with conflict on the play ground, on the school-bus in the classroom when the teacher is not present. 

The Intermediate Phase:

The senior phase show deal with more in-depth and topical issues facing the youth of today, as we find children are exposed to more and more evils of our society on a regular basis. Some of the issue that will be dealt with in the senior presentation are:

*  Peer pressure and substance abuse. (Drugs and Alcohol) Each production will be tailored to suite the socio economic environment of your learners.

  • Cyber bullying and the dangers internet dating.
  • Bullying based on Jealousy and cover your own insecurity
  • The bystander. (Here the different kind of bystanders are portrayed)

Either you side with the bully or you take a stand.

  • Bullying of  boys/girls who are different
  • Tools to empower a learner who is sexually, verbally or physically abused at home.


Please contact Shirley Wing-Delpaul on 011-640 1630 to schedule your bookings.