On Cue Theatre (past productions)


Betty Button

Note: These shows are only suitable for ages 3 to 6 years.
Maximum number of learner;  120 (for safety purposes)
Any queries please contact Shirley or Imelda

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Primary School

  1. The adventures of Sherlock Holmes
    A delightful Panto – Crime
  2. Once upon a time…
    A collection of three delightful tales)

    1. The elves and the shoe maker (Grimm Brothers)
    2. The Hunch Back of Notre Dame
    3. A mid summer nights dream
  3. No Place for you BulliesFoundation Phase & Intermediate Phase

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High School – English H.O.D

Educational productions

These thrilling presentations are culturally enriching and, as always, we guarantee our shows will be highly beneficial for all learners.

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