On Cue Theatre has compiled the themes based on feedback from a survey done with most of our patrons. Should there be a specific theme that you require, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to accommodate it into our program.

On the week of special days, i.e.: Mother’s Day, Father Day, Valentine’s day, Easter, Halloween etc.

this will be included in the show should the school require these themes. These must be booked well in advance and must be specified very clearly.

For those who specifically require a Nativity show, this will be offered just before the close of the year.

Note: These shows are only suitable for ages 3 to 6 years.

Maximum number of learner;  120 (for safety purposes)

Any queries please contact Shirley or Imelda

Please remember we are here to assist you and to make your learners happy and comfortable.


Term 1


Betty Button is very excited to start the New Year. It is summer and this is the best time to be outdoors, being active and doing exercise. All her friends are back at school. Their teacher asks all the children to make a family tree. The project is called, My Beautiful family and I. One of Betty’s class mates asks if he can include his Home  the Teacher says “Yes, that is a wonderful idea!” and everyone is excited to describe their home, it is amazing how many Shapes and Colours there are in a home. Betty is feeling sad and she learns about Feelings, love and Friendship. Betty meets Marshall from Paw Patrol and she learns about Safety; Fire hazards, Bike safety and what to do in an Emergency. Betty now learns about her Body; Bones, muscles and skin. To keep healthy she must take care of herself – Hygiene and Nutrition.  She learns about her five senses. On her way home she is offered sweets by a stranger, “NO! I DON’T KNOW YOU!” and she walks away, Stranger Danger.



Term 2


Well summer is over and autumn is on its way. Betty has been feeling sick and she must Visit the Doctor and the hospital. Betty meets a kind nurse and she learns about Community workers (Nurses, Policemen and Fireman). Betty is excited her family is coming to visit for her birthday. Granny is arriving by Plane, Uncle George will be travelling by train and Aunty Vera and her cousins are coming by Car – Transportation (Air, sea and Land). She receives so many wonderful presents from everyone. Granny gives her a box, which she thinks could be a Monopoly set, but no it is a box with the alphabet in it! She learns her ABC!  Betty also receives a box of tools but she does not know what to do with them.

Bob the Builder comes to visit and she learns about Tools and Machines. Since winter is just around the corner, Betty Learns about Animals that Hibernate. Betty’s teacher organises a big red Bus and the class visits the Farm and she learns about farm life, growing food and Farm Animals.



Betty Button Story Book adventure  

This is a wonderful collection of stories to warm the heart of the little ones during the winter break.

  1. The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson
  2. The Snow Queen by the Grimm Brother
  3. The Very spoilt Princess based on the Grimm Brothers (A take on the taming of the Shrew)



Betty Button Visits the Bushveld – “Keep the world Green and clean”   

Winter is almost over and spring is around the corner. Betty Button is excited! She will be visiting the Bushveld and learning about the big Five. On route there, she sees all the Litter that was left behind by people who do not care about the planet. Mommy explains about Recycling and saving the planet. Betty promises not to waste water and to keep the world clean and green. Betty wants to know why there are no Panda Bears in Africa.  With the help of Poh, the Kung Fu Panda, Mommy explains that Pandas are an endangered species. Betty sees all the animals in the game park with their new babies. Mommy explains about the Cycle of life – animals and humans. Betty also learns how important plants and trees are, and that we all need to plant new trees. In the bush she meets Doctor Fossil, who is looking for Dinosaur bones. She learns about the world that was long ago.

Term 4


The Summer Holiday is soon upon us!  Betty is getting ready to go to the Sea side.  She reminds her friends about water safety, sun protection and drinking lots of water. Betty loves swimming in the sea. She learns about the sea and the animals that live in the sea and she meets a Penguin too. There is a surprise appearance of Sponge Bob Square Pants. Betty also enjoys the lovely hot weather but she reminds her friends of other types of weather – sun, rain, wind and snow. The festive season is fast approaching and Betty learns how other religions celebrate their holidays. Mommy reminds Betty that the best part of celebrating the holidays is spending time with family.  Betty is also reminded that she must look after her Pets and they must arrange someone to look after them while she is away.  Mommy reminds Betty that she will be going to Big school next year. There is so much excitement to buy her school uniform – Betty learns about shopping and Money. To finalize the Celebration the Circus is in Town and Betty is proudly South African.

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